Advanced Genomics Health Solutions

We offer complete health problem solutions from consultancy services to health risk assessment for chronic conditions. Our experts design unique prevention programs by evaluating lab test values and individual genetic variations within your genome and assessing health by taking into consideration an individual’s family history, environmental influences, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Let us focus on your health so that you can focus on your life, career and relationships at advanced Genomics, we totally focus on your health by offering unique 52 weeks personalized prevention program. Each visit is 20-40 minutes of the time. We encourage you to ask questions required to understand our services and how they are being used to restore peak performance of your health. Our priority is your health and our commitment is to treat your each and every appointment with a focus so that you can achieve your health goals at the earliest. Your peace of mind is very important to us.

Personalized Prevention Program

After getting the complete information from your health assessment, lab test results, and independent research, we create unique customized action plans for you. Your program includes diet, exercise and recommended therapies designed to restore your health, optimize vital organs, improve present health conditions so that you can live graceful golden years for the rest of your life. This program is divided into four levels.

Level 1 (1st-4th month) is to make changes into your life style, dietary habits and prepare diet plan with do’s and don’ts. We work in close association with you to understand your body’s responses and use customized therapies and preventive plans that are right for you. You will observe gradual yet noticeable changes within you.
Level 2 (5th-8th month) is to use effective therapies and regular follow-ups to monitor your health progress. You will feel improvement in your blood values, digestion issues, weight management, allergies, sinus, body pains, and other health issues. You will start feeling better and improvement in routine life.
Level 3 (9th-12th month) is to manage well with most of the conditions. Our main focus is to restore health and silent the expressed genes in a natural way at the maximum level. You will start feeling peak performance of your life in various aspects like exercise capacity, get up and go, working efficiency, productivity, relationships, caring of family etc.
Level 4 (12th month onwards) is to focus on your peak performance and getting most out of your life. You will feel younger, energetic, better endurance, fully charged to take quick actions, make right decisions on major life goals.

Please note that if you have only one health condition for a short duration, progress is much faster than having longstanding multiple health issues.

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