How it Works

Order your analysis

Order your Personal genetic analysis on our website.

Receive your testing kit
You will receive a DNA kit which contains a saliva collector, documentation and all the necessary instructions to your home address.
Collect your sample
Collect your biological sample in the saliva collector according to given instructions and fill in the statement for performing the personal genetic analysis.
Send your sample
Your sample and signed documents has to be sent to our laboratory according to the given instructions.
Analysis of your sample
Your sample is tested and analysed in the laboratory and your personal comprehensive health risk report is created.
Discover your health risks
You will then receive your report in person or by email which includes results of your test analysis with root cause of present health conditions, additional descriptions of health risks, preventive measures and health advice.

Each individual analysis contains:

  • Explanation of the analysis
  • Colored presentation of test results
  • Explanation of health risks
  • Network and link of one problem with the other
  • Individualized dietary recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations based on the individual’s genetic makeup
  • Additional points of interest, changing environment, behavior, addictions, and information about how to stay motivated
  • Graphs and data indicating the role of heritability

The fact, that diet based on one’s enzymes, hormones produced and genetic makeup is highly effective and has been proven by scientific research.The studies discovered that people who had been eating according to their body system had maintained healthy weight and can prevent themselves from chronic health conditions at an early stage.

Certified laboratories

We collaborate with laboratories that operate with GMP facilities. Blood testing is performed in life labs of different regions of Canada. The genotyping services of Advanced Genomics are performed in CLIA-certified laboratory in the Canada and where extremely reliable and state-of-art molecular technology is used to analyse your DNA. The laboratory is an Illumina certified provider.