Prevention Programs for Kids


Prevention Programs for Kids

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Genetic variations
that kids inherit from their parents can highly impact their genetic coding. If the parents are suffering from any of the health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid, skin, heart, liver, lungs, kidney disease, hormones and blood sugar imbalance, stress, asthma, allergies, arthritis or cancer, kids may acquire them as well.

Research studies have shown that 50% of intelligence is developed by the age of four and rest of the 50% by the age of 18.

Average newborn has 287 chemicals in his or her umbilical cord blood out of which 217 are neurotoxins. How much toxins are present in your child’s body.

Find out what health conditions your child is carrying from you or your parents and grandparents.

Early information about growth, health fitness, allergies, immune system, energy level and mental power can be a big tool to lead a healthy life.

Advanced Genomics prevention programs are well designed for kids to stay healthy by reducing allergies, building strong immune system and improving mental power. Let’s hope for a healthy generations in the days to come.

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