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Advanced Genomics Health Solutions

Advanced Genomic

We offer complete health solutions from consultancy services to health risk assessment for chronic conditions.

Our experts design unique prevention programs by evaluating lab test values and individual genetic variations within your genome and assessing health by taking into consideration an individual’s family history.


Prevention Programs for Kids

Stay Healthy
  • Find out what are the chances your child will inherit a condition from you
  • Get early information about allergies, immune responses, growth and development
  • Learn how the timely actions can save your child from dreadful health conditions
  • Discover your child`s mental attitude, behaviour, focus and concentration, and physical fitness.

Prevention Programs for Teens

Prevention Programs for Teens
  • Find out how cardiovascular problems could develop silently in teens without any evident symptom.
  • Research studies show that the root cause of most of the ailments can now be found during adolescent years.
  • Learn how children of alcoholic parents have a much higher likelihood of developing a substance abuse disorder.


Prevention Programs for Seniors

Healthy Life Style
  • Get to know how environmental stresses trigger the genes that interfere with their defense system
  • Find out how the health conditions like blood sugar imbalance, hypertension, low hormones, slow metabolism, joint and muscle aches, fibromyalgia, dementia, alzheimer’s, and various cancers
  • Learn how to improve the quality of life, age gracefully and add years and life to you years ahead.

Undernourished mom

Undernourished mom

who are undernourished during pregnancy are more likely to have babies with intrauterine growth retardation and low birth-weights. Moreover if they are suffering from some health condition, their babies are also likely to suffer.

Early information and timely prevention programs from Advanced Genomics can help them to become healthy.

Men from Mars vs. Women from Venus: The gender gap in health

The gender gap in health

Research studies show that women live longer than men. In general, men are more muscular than women. Comparatively, women spend their lives in unhealthier conditions than men. Thus, they carry a heavier disease burden.

Our Featured Products

Health Assessment Kit

Health Assessment Kit

Personalize Prevention Kit

Personalize Prevention Kit


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